Now that I have had my last nervous breakdown, gotten married,
honeymooned in Vegas, unwrapped and sent out thank you notes,
I just had to send you a note of thanks.
       Had it not been for your friendliness and professionalism . . . I
would have probably gotten married at my church and had a cookout
in the backyard. :)  Instead I was the princess I always dreamed I
would be on my wedding day.  At a reception site filled with family
and friends, eating good food and having a wonderful time.  Everyone
raved about the food, especially the crab dip.
       I never experienced this type of kindness and consideration
from a business enterprise to date.  My experience dealing with
xxx xxxx, was less then desirable, and I will not refer anyone to
them to do business with them again.  You and your staff there,
have assured me that some businesses are truly out to cater to the
patrons and not just to make the money and run.  And I thank you so
much for that.
      In closing when I came into your office and signed the contract
you said to me that you would be there for whatever I needed and
that you would help to make sure I had a wonderful day.  Let me just
say as I bring this to a close, that if ever someone could coin the
phrase "I give you my word", that person is you.  Your gave your
word; and in this day and time that is rare.  You have a wonder spirit.
      With great appreciation,
      Mrs. VRS, Fort Washington, MD

      . . .  you made our child's christening a most special day
      . . . the food was outstanding, your staff was courteous
and the empty plates were constantly cleared, and when
you and your staff left one would think we never had a
party there . . .
      Mr. & Mrs. BK, Annapolis, MD
P.S. The kids loved touching that gorgeous ice carving
and the bartender you provided was a hoot! 
      Thank you again.
     The first year . . . I called you every day, dotted I's crossed T's
at least four to five times . . .
     The second year . . . I called you once a week, and dotted the I's once
or twice . .  .
      This year . . . I called you twice . . . and then our group showed up
and it was PERFECT.
      Next year . . . well let's just say please book it it today and we will
show up . . . no calls.
      Bless you,
The ____________ of PG County 



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